Semiconductor Equipment – FEOL Photolithography

Build equipment that maximizes throughput and yield, using cutting-edge optical and mechanical materials and components.

  • Extreme Stability Build wafer processing tools with components based on thermally innovative materials.
  • Durable Materials Benefit from longer-lived optics such as polycrystalline CVD diamond windows.
  • Tighter Tolerances Benefit from the flattest wafer tables based on reaction bonded silicon carbide (RB SiC).
FEOL Photolithography
FEOL Photolithography

Higher Resolution

Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography can deliver IC features down to 5 nm and beyond. But reaching this resolution puts high demands on every part of a lithography system, in terms of vibrational stability, thermal creep, and wafer table flatness. Coherent has pioneered the use of innovative materials - including hybrid ceramics and silicon carbides - to create mechanical and optomechanical components with the performance to match these requirements. We also provide optics to handle the unique demands of EUV radiation.

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