Thanks to the vertical integration at Coherent, you can specify the performance of the coated optic rather than the uncoated optic and the coating separately.

You want superior performance without compromised lifetimes, damage threshold, or your budget.  No single coating method can deliver this combination for every type of coated optic. That’s why our coating facilities are equipped with a comprehensive spectrum of technologies.

Key Capabilities

Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS)

This method produces tougher, denser coatings with very precise spectral qualities. It is best suited to smaller optics.

Magnetron Sputtering

This produces denser films but is faster than IBS so we use it on larger optics. But it heats the optic so it can’t be used for every application.

Evaporated (“Evap”) Coating

Still the workhorse economical and fast method that is compatible with the most materials. However, the coatings are not as tough as with sputtering methods.

Evap with Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD)

Charged ions are used to apply percussive force to the deposited atoms, resulting in denser coatings. But it’s best used on smaller optics.