Optical Fiber Assemblies

Get simple or complex optical fiber assemblies with a broad selection of optomechanical terminations for use in medicine, life sciences, diode pumping, and more.

  • High Optical Efficiency. Eliminate your alignment challenges with a complete high-performance solution.
  • Long Term Stability. Rely on long product lifetimes thanks to superior environmental stability.
  • Standard and Custom Products. Benefit from our vertical integration and expertise to get an optimum solution.
Fiber Optic Assemblies

Superior Optical Fiber Assemblies

Our team of engineers brings the expertise needed to design simple or complex custom assemblies to your specifications. Our vertical integration ensures product quality throughout, and our fully equipped QC lab then certifies it. Our typical products include OCT fiber probes, collimating assemblies, and very diverse fully customized assemblies. 

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OCT Fiber Probes

Specify OCT probes with various options for connector, fiber types, and distal tip designs. Tips include ball lenses, micro-prisms, GRIN lenses, and more.

Excellent Spatial Resolution - Optimum working distance and beam waist.


High SNR Ratio - High transmission delivers brighter images.


Verified Performance - All key optical parameters are fully characterized.

Collimating Assemblies

Use one of these assemblies to collimate the fiber output and/or focus and efficiently couple incoming light. Eliminate time-consuming alignment tasks.

High Optical Efficiency - Use more of your available light budget for better results.


High Polarization Ratios - Achieve highest polarization ratios with specialty polarization maintaining  optical fiber.

Wavelength Options - Choose from 488, 630, 980, 1310 and 1550 nm.


Fully Customized Assemblies

Benefit from our custom fiber capabilities. Choose from custom and standard connectors or bare fiber, diverse micro lenses, etc., optimized for low or high power use.

Laser Pigtailing - Maximize laser performance with efficiently coupled pump light.

ISO-9001 & ISO-13485 Facilities - Our assemblies are made and tested to the highest recognized standards. 

Custom Packaging - Choose cladding and sheathing to perfectly match your needs.

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