Laser Welding

Weld metals and plastics with speed and precision with a range of systems, from manual to fully automated.

  • Laser Choices Tackle any material with fiber, solid-state, diode, and USP laser options.
  • Increase Versatility Utilize single systems that can weld, cut, scribe, structure, and drill.
  • Improve Workflow Integrate easily with numerous part handling and factory automation options.
Laser Welding

Laser Welding Machines That Improve Results

Our laser welders are cost-effective solutions that meet needs common to industries as diverse as medical device manufacturing and automotive manufacturing - namely, the drive to increase precision, improve throughput, and utilize new materials.

ExactWeld 410


ExactWeld delivers automated precision laser welding of small metal or plastic parts making it ideal for medical products, automotive electronics, sensors, and more.

  • Fiber or Diode Laser - Systems for metals and plastics.
  • Integrated Scanner - Weld complex contours.
  • See More - Optional vision system.
Performance F Product Image

Manual Welding Systems

Explore manual and semi-automated tools that make the benefits of high-precision laser welding readily accessible.

  • Fit Right In - Desktop through compact freestanding systems.
  • Be Precise - Easily produce micron level precision seam welds.
  • Learn Fast - Simple software interface minimizes operator training.
PowerLine FL

PowerLine FL

PowerLine FL Series combine powerful single-mode fiber lasers with optional focusing heads for cost-effective laser welding or cutting, including SmartWeld™ technology for superior weld seams.

  • Up to 1.5 kW power for high throughput
  • High quality (M2 ≤1.5) beam delivers fine precision
  • Streamlined software control for easy integration
MPS Advanced Product Image

MPS Series

MPS Series are integrated systems for laser welding, cutting, structuring, and drilling, as well as for numerous high-precision USP laser-enabled applications.

  • Material Advantages - Fiber, solid state, CO₂, diode, and ultrashort pulse lasers.
  • Just Your Size - Four different floorstanding enclosures.
  • Ready to Use - Pre-loaded process recipes.
UW 180 Product Image

UW Systems

UW Systems are universal laser workstations for precision CNC laser processing of 2D and 3D parts, with choice of nanosecond, USP, or fiber laser sources.

  • Stay Strong - Lift parts up to 45 kg.
  • Laser Options - Nanosecond, USP, or fiber laser.
  • Integrate Seamlessly - Closed (Class 1) or open (Class 4) packages.
SLS 2000 CL Product Image

SLS200 CL Pulsed Laser Welder

SLS200 CL is a pulsed laser welder that integrates a lamp pumped, pulsed Nd:YAG laser with a beam delivery fiber, optics, control electronics, and software.

  • Take Control - Pulsed Nd:YAG laser provides precise energy delivery.
  • Mind the Gap - Top-hat beam profile allows gap bridging.
  • Power Options - 10 W, 25 W, 50 W, 220 W.
PWS product image

Profile Welding System (PWS)

Profile Welding System combines a CO₂ or fiber laser with process sensors, precision motion, and control software for fast, accurate tube, and profile welding.

  • Optimize Results - CO₂ or fiber laser.
  • Enhance Productivity - Automatic adjustments for rapid changeovers.
  • Improve Flexibility - Can generate defined inside weld bead.
Featured Blog

Introducing the ExactWeld IP Polymer Welding System

ExactWeld IP is a complete polymer welding solution, integrating laser source, beam delivery system, part clamping mechanics, and all the required control hardware and software. With adapters for conveyor belt, rotary table, or robot arm part supply, it’s the fastest way to get online with polymer welding. 

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