Scientific Ultrafast Laser Amplifiers

Maximize your lab productivity with amplifiers and accessories created by the Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science.

  • Broadest Choice Choose between open architecture or one-box simplicity.
  • Industrial Reliability Get cutting-edge performance and industrial reliability thanks to HALT/HASS testing.
  • Local Service Support Keep your experiments running with local service from our global support team.
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Ultrafast Laser Performance with Industrial Reliability

Unmatched laser amplifier portfolio offering pulse energies from 40 µJ to 9 mJ, and repetition rates from 1 kHz to 50 MHz. Coherent can supply every part of your ultrafast laser system: pump lasers, oscillators, amplifiers, tunable OPAs, and accessories.



Astrella integrated kHz Ultrafast Ti:S Amplifiers deliver better data and lower data costs to enable 2D spectroscopy, THz studies, fs micromachining, and more.

  • High Energy - Pulse energy up to >9 mJ.
  • Industrial Reliability - HALT/HASS certified.
  • Simple to Use - Closed box operation.


Revolution high-energy kHz green lasers are the most compact and powerful lasers in their class, ideal for pumping ultrafast Ti:S amplifiers.

  • Unmatched Power - Up to 80 W.
  • Stable and Reliable - Rugged monolithic construction. HALT/HASS certified.
  • Adjustable Repetition Rate - Single-shot to 10 kHz.
Monaco 1035


Monaco high-power femtosecond lasers deliver superior edge quality in micromachining and improvements in scientific applications like three-photon microscopy.

  • Versatile - Infrared, green, or ultraviolet models.
  • Pump Tunable OPAs - Partner Monaco with one or more Opera F devices.
  • Fast 3P Imaging - Adjustable repetition rate to 1 MHz. Optional 50 MHz.
OPerA Solo Product Image

Ultrafast Amplifier Accessories

Coherent Ultrafast Laser Amplifier Accessories offer a full range of devices to expand, tailor, and optimize the operation of our scientific ultrafast amplifiers.

  • Tunable OPAs - 189 nm to 20 µm.
  • Single-Shot Autocorrelator - fs pulse metrology.
  • Second (SHG) and third (THG) harmonics with option of fourth (FHG).

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