Customer Success Stories


Technocut has gone from strength to strength, with a successful business and a stellar reputation in the watch industry, plus an increasing demand for parts for other precision industries.

Ferroelectric Film Polarization

SVM Automatik

SVM Automatik partnered to develop a cost-effective production solution for precision marking the scales of insulin injection pens.

Atelier Schon

See how jewelry manufacturer Atelier Schon uses the Performance Facelift 6002 welder for both manufacturing and repair.

Wineglass Manufacturing


Bröking-Plastex: An automotive industry leader.

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IVIM Technology Inc.

Axon Laser Lights the Way to Intravital Two-Photon Imaging.

Transient Absorption Spectroscopy

University of Miami

Amplifier Reliability Benefits Transient Absorption Spectroscopy.

CARS Spectroscopy

Delft University of Technology

Astrella Enables CARS Spectroscopy Targeting Greener Energy and Propulsion.

COVID Decontamination

Power and Controls Technology, Inc. (PCTi)

Calibrating UV-C Sources for COVID Decontamination.


See how Silhouette International significantly reduced tooling and manufacturing costs.

Optical Cochlear Implant

OptoGen Tech GmbH

Excimer Laser Lift-Off of µLEDs Enables Optical Cochlear Implant.

Improved Solar Cells

University of Twente

Excimer PLD Creates Superior Films for Improved Solar Cells.

Tube Cutting Business Success

Cambus Medical

Laser-Powered Tube Cutting Machine Creates Business Success.

Robotic CFRP Cleaning

Fraunhofer IFAM

Mobile Excimer Laser Enables Robotic CFRP Cleaning.

2D Spectroscopy

University of California, San Diego

Multi-Day Amplifier Stability Enables 2D Spectroscopy of Surface Bound Catalyst.

alt text

University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany

New Excimer Process Rapidly Creates Super Hard DLC Films at Low Temperatures.

Improve Medical Device Welding

Microtech Welding

Semi-Automated System Improves Medical Device Welding.

Ultrafast Neuroscience Imaging

Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown

Tunable Ultrafast Lasers Power Neuroscience Imaging Applications.

Laser Cutting Speed and Precision

Micrometric Ltd

Versatile Laser Cutting Machine Delivers Speed and Precision.

Tube Cutting Stents and More

NPX Medical

Laser-Powered Tube Cutting Machine Creates Stents and More.

Ferroelectric Film Polarization

ETH Zürich

Amplifier Stability Enables in-situ Studies of Ferroelectric Film Polarization.

Autonomous Flow Cytometer


Autonomous Flow Cytometer Benefits From Compact, Efficient OBIS Lasers.

Wineglass Manufacturing


Lasers Make the Cut in Wineglass Manufacturing.

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