Diode Laser Components

Select your diode laser from a broad wavelength range with scalable power levels. Choose single emitters, bars, stacks, or fiber-coupled modules.

  • Vertical Integration Experience the entire value chain from epitaxy to packaging in house!
  • Volume Supplier Count on high reliability products and consistency from a market leader.
  • Simplify Your Design Leverage our packaging and optics capabilities to reduce design complexity.
Diode Laser Components

Best Diode Laser Components

Coherent offers a comprehensive product range - unmounted bars and chips, single emitters, packaged bars, stacked arrays (both vertical and horizontal), and fiber-coupled modules - over the 405 nm to 2.3 µm wavelength range. 

Diode Laser Components Product Family

Beam Shaped Modules

Beam Shaped Modules

Power applications as diverse as semiconductor wafer defect detection, wafer annealing, plastics welding, and hair removal, with these high-power, highly homogenous, free space output sources.

  • Homogenized Beams - Available with optics for up to 95% beam homogeneity.
  • Multiple Wavelengths - 808 nm to 1550 nm.
  • Work Faster - Speed up processes with homogenized power in the kW class.
Single Emitters

Single Emitters

Enable MOPA and external cavity diode laser applications with high power, single-mode tapered amplifiers, and use multi-mode single emitters in solid-state laser pumping, defense, and medical applications.

  • Tapered Amplifiers - Boost your MOPA application with tapered amplifiers delivering multiple watts at an M² < 1.7.
  • Wavelength Choices - The only supplier offering wavelengths from 750 nm to 2200 nm
  • Tuning Range - Stay flexible with a wavelength tuning range of 30 nm of each tapered amplifier.
Single Bars Family

Single Bars

Single Bars enable pumping and other direct diode applications with wavelengths from 640 nm to 2.1 µm, CW powers of up to 80 W, and the convenience of conduction cooling.

  • Optics Capabilities - Optional fast and slow axis collimation as well as full collimation are available.
  • Locking and Narrow Linewidth - Select Volume Bragg Gratings (VBG) for improved spectral performance
  • Mechanical Configurations - Choose from standard conduction-cooled heatsinks, narrow heatsinks or sealed, housed versions.


Get reliable, vertical and horizontal diode laser stacks and two-dimensional arrays, with power into the multi-kW range, for pumping, directed energy, hair removal, and materials processing.

  • Continuous Wave (CW) Stacks - Coherent invented microchannel cooling and uses it to enable optimum thermal management at high powers.
  • Pulsed Stacks - Covering QCW to long pulse conditions with conduction cooling and tap-water cooling options. Options for multiple wavelengths (“Rainbow”) in one stack are available.
  • Broadest Wavelength Range - The range from 638 nm up to 2200 nm includes all major solid-state and fiber laser pump wavelengths as well as wavelengths used for defense, materials processing and medical aesthetics.
Fiber-Coupled Modules

Fiber-Coupled Modules

Get the convenience of fiber delivery, without sacrificing efficiency, for applications in solid state laser pumping, materials processing, and medical therapeutics.

  • Wide Source Selection - Choose from single emitter, standard bar, and tailored bar based solutions.
  • High Brightness - Scalable output power from small fiber core diameters starting at 100 µm.
  • Broadest Wavelength Range - From 630 nm to 2 µm, available with wavelength stabilization (VBG) as an option.
Unmounted Bars and Chips

Unmounted Bars & Chips

Rely on our ability to manufacture unmounted diode laser products in high production volumes, and to your schedule.

  • Material Choices - Based on GaAs, InP, and GaSb semiconductor structures, we offer 750 nm to 2200 nm.
  • Benefit From Experience - With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing of unmounted semiconductor lasers, take advantage of high consistency and fully automated processes.
  • Unmatched Reliability - Proven performance in laser, industrial, defense, medical, and printing applications.

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