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850 Single Mode Polarization-Locked VCSELs

Choose our 850nm single-mode VCSEL with polarization lock for various high-precision sensing applications that benefit from low-power consumption.

These single-mode VCSELs emit a symmetrical Gaussian beam at output powers from 0.5 mW to 2 mW. Their low divergence, coherent light is linearly polarized, with the polarization vector locked to the vertical chip direction. With its exceptionally small footprint, as well as its backside cathode and topside anode configuration, this VCSEL simplifies integration.

Single Mode Polarization-Locked VCSELs

Use these in applications needing a well-behaved but economical beam. They are free from polarization flips when operated in their single-mode operating range.

Key Features

  • Output power up to 2mW
  • Single transverse and longitudinal mode
  • Polarization stable emission
  • Gaussian beam profile
  • High reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • Backside cathode and topside anode configuration
  • RoHS & REACH compliant