Ceramics Capabilities

Get unique mechanical, chemical, electrical, and thermal properties of our  advanced ceramics and composites to create innovative products.

Coherent has extensive capabilities for developing high-performance reaction-bonded ceramics and metal matrix composites - optimized to meet the needs of specific applications - and can reliably fabricate production parts in whatever volume required.

Applications Overview

Semiconductor Equipment

Semiconductor tool makers achieve a competitive advantage using composite parts with high flatness, reduced weight, and high thermal conductivity.

LCD Manufacturing Equipment

High-precision structural components for production tooling offer superior strength/stiffness ratios, and can be made in large, complex shapes to tight tolerances.

Thermal Management

Leading-edge thermal management devices that dissipate and manage heat sources in high-end electronics and related applications.

Nuclear Power

Novel composites cost less than sintered boron carbide and enable neutron absorption systems with fewer seams for easier installation and refurbishment.


Lightweight, strong mirrors and support structures are used in various optical platforms in defense, aerospace, communications, and precision industrial applications.

Wear and Refractory

Composite components for wear, mining, and refractory uses offer size and shape flexibility, superior strength, minimum weight, and exceptional wear characteristics.

Armor Ceramics

Ceramics meet the needs for personnel protection, vehicle armor, and lightweight/high-strength structures for helicopters.