Processing Heads

Improve and extend welding and cutting capabilities for materials processing applications.

  • Increase Precision Cut finer microstructures and get higher weld quality and consistency.
  • Easy Implementation Benefit from preprogrammed “smart” patterns to successfully tackle any task.
  • Reduce Costs Lower cycle time, eliminate post-processing and cut rework.
Processing Heads Line Drawing

Applications Packages for Increased Productivity

Processing heads integrate precision focusing optics with a galvanometer scanning module, plus sophisticated software for producing several useful pre-programmed patterns. This simplifies a variety of challenging welding and cutting tasks. 

SmartWeld+ offers improved results when welding dissimilar or “challenging” materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, and SmartCut+ optimizes cutting of complex microstructures in metal with reduced taper.

Need us to process a material sample? Want to see the results for yourself? We can connect you to a Coherent Applications Lab near you.


Achieve improved results when welding dissimilar or “challenging” materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and copper, for e-mobility, and consumer electronics.

Stronger Welds - Improved metallurgical bonds and more consistent results. 


Weld Contours - Beam pattern size and orientation follow part contours. 

Materially Better - Weld highly reflective or volatile materials with less spatter, porosity, and cracking. 


Cut or trepan complex microstructures in metal with reduced taper and at high speed. Particularly well-suited for "on-the-fly" machining of production line parts

Get Smart - Patterns include traditional wobble plus spirals, ellipses, and other complex shapes.

Increase Throughput - High-speed scanning and "on-the-fly" operation reduce cycle time. 


Cost-Effective - Delivers the same results as much more costly lasers. 



Laser system with beam delivery optics, a process gas nozzle, and control software, for scribing internal combustion engine conrods prior to hydraulic cracking.

Car and Truck Engines - Two laser source choices for engines small and large. 


Move Fast - Scribe one part per second. 


Complete Solution - The only fully integrated laser solution for conrod scribing available. 



Flexible, modular, high precision laser processing head which can be readily configured to deliver optimum results for a wide variety of welding, cutting, drilling, and scribing applications.

Ready when you are - A quick release system enables rapid focusing lens replacement for fast changeovers.

Maximum precision – To achieve best results the FLBK60 can be matched to the individual laser source.

See the difference - Options for IR illumination and process viewing cameras available.


Modular high power remote laser welding head that can be configured to support applications ranging from the most basic and cost-sensitive, to tight tolerance, demanding tasks involving “challenging” materials.

Focused on quality -Incorporates the intelliSCAN 30 III 2D scanning head.

Covers all angles –Available with a variety of high-quality F-Theta objectives.

Simplifies your life -Single point of contact for installation, service, and application support.

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