Electric Motor Manufacturing

Weld metals and heat thermoplastic composites with efficiency, high throughput, and reduced costs.

  • Enhance Consistency Reduce welding process sensitivity to part-to-part variations in surface finish.
  • Eliminate Defects Weld with reduced defects, spatter, and porosity, and eliminate part distortion.
  • Process TPCs Perform efficient, controlled melting of thermoplastic composites.
Electric Motor Manufacturing
Electric Motor Manufacturing

Material Difference

Manufacturing electric motors involves working with many different types of materials - metals, polymers, CFRPs, and more. With the broadest range of laser technologies available anywhere, Coherent is uniquely positioned to provide the ideal processing solution for nearly every application. With Coherent, you'll get the technology that best matches your requirements, not simply the one we happen to make.

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Bröking-Plastex: CO₂ Laser Enables Automotive Mass Customization

Find out how Bröking-Plastex uses Coherent CO₂ Lasers to increase cost-effective production and mass customization of automotive parts.

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