WSS – Wavelength Selective Switches

Use our modules for wavelength routing to combine, manipulate, or separate multiple WDM and DWDM signals from 100 GHz spacing down to < 25 GHz, all with no crosstalk.

Based on our proprietary LightFlow™ technology, long-lived WSS modules have no moving parts and are Telcordia-compliant. They feature low insertion loss, wide dynamic range, high channel counts, low polarization-dependent loss, and very low power consumption.

WSS – Product Line Overview

Switch, attenuate, or block individual wavelengths using these WSS products. Choose standard or custom models, with up to N colorless ports.

Product Name

Model Numbers

Channel Spacing (GHz)

Key function(s)

Typical Applications

50 GHz 1xN Wavelength Selective Switches

WSS-C50G Series


1xN or Nx1 Add/Drop (where N≤9)

Optical path protection 


Optical cross-connects (OXC)

100 GHz 1xN Wavelength Selective Switches

WSS-C100G Series


LightFlow™ Flexband WSS


50 or 25 

(12.5 GHz granularity)

1xN or Nx1 (for N≤9) with 12.5 GHz resolution

Coherent transmission 

Next generation ROADMs 

Data centers

Advanced Networks

Tunable Mux/DeMux (TMX)

TMX 1x16


Remotely tunable for up to 96 wavelengths

Colorless Add/Drop

Upgrading ROADM networks

Twin Flexband 1xN WSS


50 or 25

(12.5 GHz granularity)

Nx1 with available port counts: Twin 1×8/9, Twin 1×20

Dynamic wavelength switching 

Next-gen coherent LH/metro networks

Twin 1×4/1×5 Edge WSS



Direct any of 48 wavelengths from N colorless ports

5G Optical Access Networks