Terahertz Generation

Generate intense, broad bandwidth THz pulses for (TDS) spectroscopy, pump-probe, and imaging.

  • Highest Power Use amplifiers to get pulses spanning 0.5 THz to 20 THz, and fields up to MV/cm.
  • Turnkey Simplicity Combine our fs oscillators with a photoconductive switch for easy THz pulses.
  • Short Pulse Widths Perform THz studies with high temporal resolution with our fs lasers and amplifiers.
Terahertz Generation
Maximizing THz Potential

Maximizing THz Potential

THz radiation has many properties that make it attractive for imaging and spectroscopic analysis. But THz radiation is inefficient to generate. However, using ultrafast lasers in one of two methods – based on a photoconductive switch or non-linear crystal – can generate plenty of THz because of their high peak power. Our lasers also provide the high beam and intensity stabilities needed to optimize these methods. And our short pulse widths ensure the broadest THz output and enable applications with high time resolution.

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Dartmouth College: Coherent OBIS Lasers Power Research on Neurological Diseases

See why a team led by Prof Michael Hoppa at Dartmouth College chose an OBIS laser for their study of synaptic dysfunction and treatments for epilepsy and other neurological diseases.

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