Lithium Batteries

Lithium-ion Battery Recycling

Get a sustainable, economical service that recycles all the critical metals in LiBs to return high-quality battery precursor and cathode active materials.

The unique Coherent battery materials recycling process offers a pragmatic path to lowering battery manufacturing costs while enabling battery and EV makers to achieve economies of scale with a positive environmental impact.

Lithium-ion Battery Recycling - Key Benefits

Coherent partners with battery manufacturers and OEMS to receive end-of-life batteries and production scraps, efficiently extract key metals, and then deliver back pCAM and CAM that meet customer specifications.

Higher Efficiency

The Coherent streamlined hydrometallurgical advanced recycling process (SHARP) technology recovers over 95% of the Li, Ni, Co, and Mn from black mass collected from LiBs.

Lower Cost

The streamlined SHARP has at least a 60% lower capital cost and a 30% lower reagents and utilities cost as compared to conventional hydrometallurgical processes making it very cost competitive.

Greener Method

SHARP produces zero liquid discharge, and no solid, gas, or liquid toxic waste generation. Plus it uses less energy and water than other methods.