Providing industry-leading beam quality, reliability, and stability with up to 500 mW of low noise output for OEMs and end users. A choice of 9 visible wavelengths.

The leading choice for OEM instrumentation and lab use with >50,000 installed in the field. Applications include flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, DNA sequencing, high throughput screening, Raman spectroscopy, interferometry, inspection, metrology, and more.

Sapphire – Key Advantages

Choose from 20 to 500 mW at nine wavelengths with free-space or fiber-coupled output to simplify integration. Narrowline operation for Raman and interferometry. 

Product Specifications

Sapphire Model

Key Features

Available Wavelengths (nm)

Sapphire LP/LPX

Up to 500 mW power / modulation

458, 488, 514, 532, 552, 561, 568 588, 594  

Sapphire FP

Fiber-pigtailed output 

Sapphire SF NX 

Linewidth <1.5 MHz 

488, 532 

Sapphire CDRH Controller

 Enables laser control without additional hardware and software 

For all wavelengths available