Fiber Sensor Components

Build better fiber optic gyroscopes, delay lines, and current sensors with precision wound coils.

  • Demanding Applications High performance commercial to strategic grade coils for automotive, space, and defense applications.
  • Vertically Integrated Fully vertically integrated US supplier for gyro fiber and IFOG coils.
  • Sophisticated Sensors Precision wound coils available in small form factors, many winding patterns, and long lengths.
Coil Windings Line Drawing

Experience You Can Trust

With over 25 years of experience in winding specialty fiber coils, our engineers and scientists work with customer requirements to consistently produce some of the most sophisticated, reliable, and cost-effective fiber sensors.

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iFOG Coils

Choose designs from potted, fully freestanding to totally constrained coils using pure or composite hub materials, to ensure environmental stability and ruggedness.

Winding Options - Select from many winding patterns including quadrupole, TDF, helical, and more.


Great Lengths - Fiber lengths from 50 m to 5 km.


Configuration Options - Wet, dry, freestanding, and flanged type coils.

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