Fiber Lasers

Tackle the most demanding welding applications.

  • Unmatched Results Choose the right output beam type and size for both delicate and high power uses.
  • Long Lifetime Get improved lifetime and reliability with our unique back reflection immunity.
  • High Productivity Multitask a single laser efficiently with a Fiber-Switch or Fiber-Fiber-Coupler.
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Exceptional Capabilities and Performance

Our unique technology brings all the practical, reliability and cost advantages of fiber lasers to tasks that they couldn't perform previously, especially on "challenging" materials like copper, high strength steel, aluminum and even foils.

Fiber Laser Product Family

Highlight FL Standard Family Product Image

HighLight Fiber Lasers (FL) are industrial, multi-kW fiber lasers for welding tasks that maximize operational flexibility with detachable process fibers.

High Power - Up to 10 kW. Mode Options - Single and multi-mode. Field Serviceable - Field replaceable process fibers.
Highlight FL Arm Standard Family Product Image

HighLight ARM Fiber Lasers (FL-ARM) utilize a unique center/ring beam for effectively welding heat-sensitive materials, dissimilar materials, and even copper.

High Brightness - Single mode center beam option. High Power - Up to 10 kW. Detachable Fiber - QBH or QD connector.
Featured Blog

How Fiber Lasers Are Powering Electric Vehicle Batteries

Learn how Coherent fiber lasers deliver the best and most economical solution for the precise and demanding welding tasks of EV battery production.

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