CO₂ Lasers

Pick from the most comprehensive CO₂ laser portfolio available to get the best match for your material and application.

  • Minimize Downtime Enjoy the high reliability of waveguide and slab discharge construction.
  • Improve Quality Match wavelength to material and select from many pulsing options to reduce HAZ.
  • Simplify Integration Speed development with integrated RF supplies and other modular configurations.
CO₂ Lasers Line Drawing

Value and Performance at All Powers

A huge range of products, with powers from 20 W to 8 kW, various wavelengths, and pulsed or CW operation, all designed for high reliability and uptime, minimal maintenance downtime, easy serviceability, and simplified OEM integration.

CO₂ Product Family

Diamond CX Series Product Image

DIAMOND C/Cx Series CO₂ lasers offer the best power–size ratio available for cutting, slitting, engraving, scoring, and marking a wide variety of materials.

Low Power - 20 W to 120 W output. Wavelength Options - 9.3 µm, 9.6 µm, 10.2 µm and 10.6 µm. Outlive and Outlast - Advanced Ingress Protection for operation in harsh environments.
DIamond J-2 Series Product Image

DIAMOND J-Series compact, CO₂ lasers combine power, excellent beam quality, and nearly square wave pulses for high processing efficiency and speed.

Medium Power - 150 W to 450 W output. Multiple Wavelengths - 9.4 µm, 10.2 µm and 10.6 µm. Integrate Easily - Modular design with common interfaces.
Diamond J 1000 Product Image

Diamond J-1000 offers the smallest footprint of any 1 kW, sealed, pulsed CO₂ laser available for converting, cutting, engraving, and drilling.

Save Space - 1 kW in a single, integrated package. Two Wavelengths - 9.4 µm and 10.6 µm. Rapid Service - Field serviceable RF power module.
DC Series Multi-kW CO₂ Lasers

DC Series are diffusion-cooled, highly stable, multi-kW CO₂ slab lasers for cutting, welding, and performing surface treatment of metals, plastics, and organics.

Highest Power - 1 kW to 8 kW output. Keep Cool - Diffusion cooling for high reliability and low gas consumption. Stay Flexible - Multiple packaging configurations.
Diamond J-3 Series 5µm Product Image

Diamond CO lasers deliver 5 µm output with the same reliability, stability, and beam quality as traditional CO₂ lasers to enable new applications.

Material Benefits - Efficiently process plastic films, polymers, and PCBs. Power Up - 250 W output. Long Lifetime - Sealed construction for high reliability.
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