Raman Spectroscopic Techniques

Get narrow-line lasers, filters, and modules for Raman spectroscopy and microscopy. Use THz-Raman tools for unique phase data.

  • One Measurement Use the only optical method that gives you data on phase, chemistry, and nanostructure with Thz-Raman.
  • Better CARS/SRS Simplify stimulated Raman spectroscopy and microscopy with our turnkey ultrafast lasers.
  • Wider Selection Choose narrow-line lasers from across the visible spectrum — milliwatts to Watts.
Raman Techniques
Raman Simplified

Raman Simplified

Raman provides data-rich chemical information and can be performed at any laser wavelength in the visible or near-IR. So it can be operated through glass windows or remotely via optical fibers. The key challenge is separating the weak Raman signals from scatter and other backgrounds. We provide low-noise lasers and sharp-edge filters for this purpose. Coherent Raman filters are so sharp they’ve enabled a new field called THz-Raman that provides unique nanoscale phase data. We make this even easier with integrated THz-Raman spectrometer modules.

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What is Raman Spectroscopy?

Been wondering what exactly is Raman Spectroscopy? Dr. James Carriere explains all the basics such as Rayleigh Scatter, Stokes scatter, and anti-Stokes scatter, what Raman signals are used for, and the special identification technique that only THz-Raman spectroscopy can provide.                     


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