Material Growth

By making our own specialty optical materials, we can supply you with superior quality optical products while simultaneously avoiding any supply chain delays. 

Many applications depend on optics fabricated from specialty materials, such as zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, diamond, and sapphire. And active laser beam components are usually made from crystals like Nd:YAG, BBO, and LBO. We eliminate risks by making all these in-house.

Key Capabilities

Infrared Optical Materials

Coherent is the long-time leader in producing laser-grade zinc selenide and zinc sulfide for use in CO2 laser applications.

Diamond – PCD and Single Crystal

With its high bandwidth and unmatched hardness, diamond windows are increasingly used in demanding applications.

Laser Gain Crystals

Quality is particularly important in laser gain crystals like Nd:YAG.

Non-linear Harmonic Crystals

Many laser applications require non-linear crystals such as BBO, LBO, and KTP, for harmonic generation, optical parametric oscillation, or wavelength mixing. 


Sapphire is a marvelous optical material with transmission from the ultraviolet through the infrared.