Excimer UV Systems

Take full advantage of our unique high-energy UV excimer lasers with complete optical systems configured for LTPS, LLO, LIFT, PLD, LA-ICP-MS, and more.

  • Vertical Integration Avoid risk and enjoy 24/7 operation with our long-lived lasers, optics and mechanics.
  • Proven Industrial Tools Rely on the same enabling technology that makes high-performance mobile displays.
  • UV Wavelength Options Choose from 193, 248, and 308 nm systems, plus custom 157 or 351 nm options.
UV Excimer Laser Line Drawing

Bringing Our Expertise to Your Process

With 50 years of experience in UV lasers and optical systems, we understand the challenges of managing, shaping and focusing excimer beams. And thanks to vertical integration, we design, manufacture, and assemble complete systems to the most exacting standards.

Excimer UV Family of Products

UVtransfer product image

A unique 3-in-1 system for MicroLED Display Manufacturing, enabling Laser Lift-Off (LLO), Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT), and Repair/Trimming, all with high throughput.

3-in-1 Value - Single system for all three processes. High Throughput - High energy excimer laser supports large field sizes. Future-Proof - Handles die sizes from 50 down to 5 µm.
LineBeam VYPER

LineBeam excimer UV lasers enable mass manufacturing of low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) backplanes on large substrate panels with the highest yield.

Long Line Beam - Up to 1500 mm. High Homogeneity - 0.6 % (2σ). Large Focal Depth - Up to ±150 µm.
UVblade product image

UVblade excimer lasers offer a cost-effective solution for LLO with high optical efficiency and broad scalability in line lengths and energy density.

High Homogeneity - 1.8 % Large Focal Depth - Up to ±200 µm. High Pulse Energy - Up to 2000 mJ.
UV Optical Components Product Image

Get superior optomechanical tools for excimer beam delivery optimized for the unique combination of high pulse energy, short UV wavelengths, and high power.

Homogenize a Beam - <± 5% fluence variation. Variable Attenuation - Precise energy control. Mask Image Projection - 4-10X demagnification.
VarioLas Product Image

VarioLas excimer UV lasers are based on the powerful COMPex excimer laser for high quality UV microprocessing with a line beam or square beam field shape.

High Energy Density - Up to 7.5 J/cm². Versatile and Adjustable - Line or square profile. High Optical Resolution - ≥ 5 µm.
GeoLas Pro Product Image

GeoLasHD excimer UV systems combine 193 nm pulses, a high-performance polarized microscope, and HD camera observation for laser ablation ICP-MS.

High Optical Resolution - 1 µm. Variable Sample Spot - 2 - 160 µm. High Pulse Stability - 1 % (rms) .
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