Inertial Navigation and Guidance

Navigate confidently across land, sea, and air using a wide selection of environmentally stable, ruggedized fiber optic coils. 

Maneuver precisely using fiber optic gyro coils, available with many quadrupole wound coil attributes and configurations.

  • Experienced Manufacturing Winding precision optical fiber coils for over 25 years to create some of the industry’s most complex gyroscope coils.
  • US Manufactured Offering a broad range of fiber optic coil types for use in GPS-denied environments, including freestanding, flanged, miniature and more.
  • Design to Specifications Creating custom coil designs, including non-circular shapes and a range of quadrupole winding options to exacting specifications.
Inertial Navigation and Guidance Systems

IFOG Coils

Enabling components for precision navigation systems, with a broad range of coil options, including a variety of shapes, types, and quadrupole patterns.

Specialty Sensing Fibers 

Discover the wide range of uses for Coherent specialty fiber, from sensing fibers to photosensitive fibers used in arrays, sensors and imaging.

Featured Blog

Gain a Lot with Active Fibers

Learn how active optical fibers enable fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers, which power applications as diverse as satellite communications, autonomous vehicles, remote sensing, inertial navigation, surgery, and materials processing.


Customer Success Stories

Mobile Excimer Laser Enables Robotic CFRP Cleaning

See how the high repetition rate (1000 Hz) and pulse energy (10 mJ) of the ExciStar allows rapid processing and continuous movement of the laser beam over the part surface.

Compact excimer laser systems open up new possibilities for the treatment of 3D-CRFP-parts, also by robotic applications.
Dr. Thomas Lukasczyk Fraunhofer IFAM

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