Pluggable Optical Line System (POLS)

Use our compact pluggable modules to provide up to 8 DWDM channels to enable high-capacity optical inter-datacenter links for internet service and cloud hosting providers.

Available in both OSFP QSFP formats, POLS provide MUX/DEMUX and variable-gain amplification. They handle up to 8 wavelengths with a single fiber pair, enabling up to 3.2 Tbps of bidirectional datacenter traffic over 100 km when paired with 400G-ZR/ZR+ coherent optics.

Pluggable Optical Line System (POLS)

Use POLS for fast Data Center Interconnects (DCI) or to enable disaggregated systems. Note: Require a passive cable for colorless channel MUX/DMUX that’s not included. 

Key Features

  • OSFP and QSFP modules to support OIF 400G-ZR

  • Asymmetric front connector for error-proof fiber connection

  • Auto-provisioning (plug & play) to simplify OAM&P

  • Implementation of CMIS register table for easy deployment

  • Eye Safe (Class 1M Laser Safety)