Choose from our low-noise, single-frequency lasers based on DPSS, NPRO, OPSL, and even ion technology, to match your application.

  • Lowest Noise Use lasers proven in every LIGO instrument and other noise-critical applications.
  • 24/7 Reliability Depend on highly reliable lasers that will keep your measurements running.
  • Broad Choice of Wavelengths Get a narrow (<5 MHz) linewidth beam at numerous wavelengths from 266 nm to 590 nm.
Optimized Coherence

Optimized Coherence

Laser applications that depend on interference are incredibly diverse today – from semiconductor inspection to LIGO gravitational-wave observatories. They all depend on long coherence, narrow linewidth, and low-noise. But just how narrow and how quiet varies greatly. Similarly, the wavelength and power requirements are often quite different for each application. Coherent supports this reality with the world’s broadest offering of single-frequency lasers, drawing on our unmatched technology breadth.

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Fraunhofer CAP: High-performance Compact Tapered Amplifiers for Sensing Local Gravity Gradients

See how a team led by Dr Loyd McKnight in the Quantum Technologies Business Unit at the Fraunhofer Center for Applied Photonics used tapered amplified chips from Coherent to create a portable atom interferometer.

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