Beam Diagnostics Systems

Characterize the spatial intensity distribution and size of laser beams, and visualize beam shape, with speed and accuracy.

  • Improve Your Process Optimize your process outcomes by accurately characterizing laser parameters.
  • Measure Any Beam Measure CW and pulsed beams over a wide range of diameters and wavelengths.
  • Easy to Use Utilize powerful instrument control and data analysis software.
Beam Diagnostics

Beam Profilers for Any Laser

Choose a camera system or our high-precision, multiple knife-edge scanning beam profiler to get the right match for your specific laser operating characteristics and measurement needs. 

Beam Diagnostics Systems Product Family



Laser Compatibility 

Beam Size Range

Wavelength Range (nm)

LaserCam HR II ➝

LaserCam HR II systems deliver fast and detailed beam intensity profile analysis.



Pulsed & CW

0.5 mm to 6 mm

190  to 355 

400  to 1100 

BeamMaster-USB System ➝

These offer a large dynamic operating range and can accurately measure small diameter and even focused laser beams.


Scanning multiple 



3 µm to 8 mm

190  to 1100

3 µm to 2 mm

800  to 1800 

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