Beam Delivery Components

Run at peak efficiency, reliability, and safety with optics which faithfully transfer high-power laser output to the work piece.

  • Improve Throughput Enhance performance with very low loss components that maximize transmission.
  • Boost Stability Rely on rugged, well-designed optics for process stabilty, lifetime and safety.
  • Gain Flexibility Leverage modular component design and construction to increase flexibility.
Beam Delivery Components Line Drawing

High-Power Laser Light Delivered Right

Consistent laser processing demands accurate transfer of source output to the work surface, and Coherent delivery fibers and optics achieve that with superior optical performance and exceptional mechanical stability, even over long periods of use.

Beam Delivery Product Family

QBH Fiber Optic Cables

Get reliable fiber optic cables with low loss for delivering multi-kW laser beams over long distances that perform consistently, even in harsh environments.

High Transmission - 1-2% loss. Wavelength Selection - 1030-1090 nm, 780-1100 nm, 510-550 nm, 430-480 nm . Standard Connectors - QBH, RQB and QD.
Fiber Coupling Product Image

Explore Coherent Incoupling Optics that provide safe, reliable, low loss coupling of high-power laser output into one or more fiber optic cables.

High Power - 4.5 kW, 15 kW. Wavelength Selection - 1030-1090 nm, 780-1100 nm, 510-550 nm. Standard Connectors - QBH, RQB, QD, LLK-B.
Fiber Cable Receivers

Discover Process Optics that offer a range of focal lengths and functions you can combine to make complete processing heads for numerous applications.

High Power - 3 kW, 5 kW, 8 kW and 12 kW. Fiber Wavelength - 1030 - 1090 nm. Plug-and-Play - Prealigned for simplicity.
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