Support advanced therapeutic treatments with excimer lasers, diode laser components, and beam-delivery fibers. 

  • Reduce Time-to-Market Use components and lasers from a qualified and experienced supplier.
  • Improve Outcomes Offer patients better results with higher performance lasers and components.
  • Minimize Service Benefit from the unmatched reliability of Coherent products.
Healing with Lasers

Healing with Lasers

Lasers are incredibly versatile tools for selectively applying energy at targeted areas of the body. They are selective in their power – from gentle therapeutic heating to focused power for tissue ablation. They are selective in their wavelengths, which is important in photodynamic therapy (PDT) for absorption by chemical agents. And they are uniquely selective in their ability to precisely target spatially – directly on/through the skin, or delivered by fiber optics deep within tissues. Coherent makes lasers, components, optics, and fibers that ensure your instruments maximize these advantages.

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