Laser Cutting and Drilling Systems 

Cut a wide range of materials from metals, plastics, and composites to paper, ceramics, and wood.

  • Broadest Laser Portfolio Don’t compromise. Get the laser source that is ideal for your needs.
  • Intuitive Software Control Get a single GUI that integrates every aspect of process setup and execution.
  • Automation/Integration Options Use as standalone machines or fully integrated into your production line.
Laser Cutting and Drilling Line Drawing

Simplified Operation – From Design to Execution

Coherent cutting machines service a broad range of applications — from cutting coronary stents to sheet steel for white goods. They all use the same Laser Framework object-based software that simplifies even the most complex sequence of operations.

Laser Cutting and Drilling Family of Products

ExactCut 430 Product Image

ExactCut 430 is a precision laser cutting system for automated processing of thin and thick metals and alloys, brittle materials like sapphire, PCD, and ceramics.

Remote Diagnostics - Fast Return to Operation (RTO). Versatile - Large Working Chamber. Finer Results - Micron positioning resolution.
StarCut Tube SL Product Image

StarCut Tube Lasers are fully-automated, multi-axis CNC precision laser cutting machines for tubes and flat materials, including medical devices.

Minimize Thermal Effects - A USP laser option delivers cold cutting. Flexible Cutting - Includes an integrated wet cutting option. Stability and Precision - Solid granite cutting platform.
PowerLine Avia NX Product Image

PowerLine AVIA NX are high-power UV laser cutters for integration into existing systems for cutting, drilling, and scribing wafers, SIPs, packages, PCBs, and more.

Long Lifetime - Proven Pure UV™ technology. Flexible - Numerous optional features. Fast Processing - A choice of 20 or 40 W of laser power.
PowerLine C product image

PowerLine C are CO₂ laser-based systems for precision drilling, cutting, scribing, marking, and engraving of many non-metals, including glass, organic materials.

Economical - CO₂ lasers combine low costs and high reliability. Versatile - Mid-IR beam cuts most non-metals. High Speed - Up to 450 W for fast processing rates.
METASC Product Image

META Series are compact, flatbed CO₂ laser machines for cutting, marking, and engraving of acrylic, wood, and other organic materials, plus metals, in sheets up to 1.25 m x 1.25 m.

Fast Cutting - Up to 50,000 mm/min. Cut Thicker Metals - Up to 6 mm steel with 1 kW laser. Simplify Cutting Registration - Machine vision options.
FLBK-SC LFS Product Image

LFS/QFS with FLBK SC are fiber-laser based systems that perform fast, consistent laser scribing of combustion engine conrods that integrate into your production line.

Small and Large Conrods - 50 W, ns pulsewidth, or 50 W, ms pulsewidth, fiber laser. Complete Solution - Integrates laser, optics, gas nozzle, and controller. Increase Throughput - 0.5 seconds per scribe at rates up to 3 m/min.
StarFiber Rack Product Image

StarFiber Series combine compact fiber lasers with optional focusing heads for laser welding or cutting, including SmartWeld™ technology for fine and wide welds.

Power Up - 100 W to 600 W lasers available. Improve Quality - SmartWeld™and SmartWeld + technology for superior welds. Get a Head - Integrated Software and process heads for welding or cutting.
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