Laser Cutting and Drilling Machines

Cut a wide range of materials from metals, plastics, and composites to paper, ceramics, and wood.

  • Broadest Laser Portfolio Don’t compromise. Get the laser source that is ideal for your needs.
  • Intuitive Software Control Get a single GUI that integrates every aspect of process setup and execution.
  • Automation/Integration Options Use as standalone machines or fully integrated into your production line.
Laser Cutting and Drilling Line Drawing

Simplified Laser Cutting and Drilling

Coherent laser cutting machines service a broad range of applications — from cutting coronary stents to sheet steel for white goods. They all use the same Laser Framework object-based software that simplifies even the most complex sequence of operations.

Laser Cutting and Drilling Family of Products

ExactCut 430

ExactCut 430 is a precision laser cutting system for automated processing of thin and thick metals and alloys, brittle materials like sapphire, PCD, and ceramics.

Remote Diagnostics - Fast Return to Operation (RTO). Versatile - Large Working Chamber. Finer Results - Micron positioning resolution.
StarCut Tube SL

StarCut Tube Lasers are fully-automated, multi-axis CNC precision laser cutting machines for tubes and flat materials, including medical devices.

Minimize Thermal Effects - A USP laser option delivers cold cutting. Flexible Cutting - Includes an integrated wet cutting option. Stability and Precision - Solid granite cutting platform.
PowerLine FL

PowerLine FL Series combine powerful single-mode fiber lasers with optional focusing heads for cost-effective laser welding or cutting, including SmartWeld™ technology for superior weld seams.

Up to 1.5 kW power for high throughput High quality (M2 ≤1.5) beam delivers fine precision Streamlined software control for easy integration
PowerLine Avia NX Product Image

PowerLine AVIA NX are high-power UV laser cutters for integration into existing systems for cutting, drilling, and scribing wafers, SIPs, packages, PCBs, and more.

Long Lifetime - Proven Pure UV™ technology. Flexible - Numerous optional features. Fast Processing - A choice of 20 or 40 W of laser power.
PowerLine C product image

PowerLine C are CO₂ laser-based systems for precision drilling, cutting, scribing, marking, and engraving of many non-metals, including glass, organic materials.

Economical - CO₂ lasers combine low costs and high reliability. Versatile - Mid-IR beam cuts most non-metals. High Speed - Up to 450 W for fast processing rates.
FLBK-SC LFS Product Image

LFS/QFS with FLBK SC are fiber-laser based systems that perform fast, consistent laser scribing of combustion engine conrods that integrate into your production line.

Small and Large Conrods - 50 W, ns pulsewidth, or 50 W, ms pulsewidth, fiber laser. Complete Solution - Integrates laser, optics, gas nozzle, and controller. Increase Throughput - 0.5 seconds per scribe at rates up to 3 m/min.
NA Needle Drilling System

Drill blind holes in traditional and miniaturized surgical needles with no undesirable thermal damage, using this highly optimized laser drilling machine.

Smooth Holes - A single long laser pulse smoothly drills each hole. Fast Throughput - Up to 5 needles per second. Wide Operating Range - Drill holes from 50 to 750 μm diameter.
MPS Advanced Product Image

MPS Series are integrated systems for laser welding, cutting, structuring, and drilling, as well as for numerous high-precision USP laser-enabled applications.

Material Advantages - Fiber, solid state, CO₂, diode, and ultrashort pulse lasers. Just Your Size - Four different floorstanding enclosures. Ready to Use - Pre-loaded process recipes.
UW 180 Product Image

UW Systems are universal laser workstations for precision CNC laser processing of 2D and 3D parts, with choice of nanosecond, USP, or fiber laser sources.

Stay Strong - Lift parts up to 45 kg. Laser Options - Nanosecond, USP, or fiber laser. Integrate Seamlessly - Closed (Class 1) or open (Class 4) packages.

Deliver precision ablation of fine surface features in superhard materials like tungsten carbide, advanced ceramics, silicon carbide, boron nitrides, and more.

Machine or Mark Complex Shapes - Up to 5 optional scanning/motion axes. USP Laser Option - Corrosion-resistant laser black marking of metals. User Friendly Software - Set cutting/marking details directly from dxf or geode files.

Obtain fast and efficient lapping of superhard PCD disks for tooling applications, as well as lapping, beveling, and rounding of PCD oil and gas parts.

Flexible - Also ideal for beveling and rounding of PCD oil and gas parts. High Precision - Surface lapping with a depth precision of 0.01 mm. High Automated Throughput - Over 1600 parts can be lapped in a single run.

Deliver deep cuts with low taper and superior surface quality for cutting natural and synthetic monocrystalline diamond and CVD wafers.

Superior Results - Create deep cuts with low taper and superior surface quality. Versatile - Ideal for windows, heat sinks, precision tooling, acoustic wave applications, and more. Flexible - Up to 5 independent axes with manual or automated part loading.

Get the ideal combination of speed and economy for cutting polycrystalline diamond (PCD), cubic boron nitride (CBN), and carbides with these powerful laser systems.

Precise Automated Cutting - Includes coaxial video and machine vision monitoring. Flexible Options - Choice of 3, 4, or 5 axes, plus a rotary table option. Fast Cutting - Includes a powerful 600 Watt fiber laser.
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