Titanium: Sapphire Pumping

Maximize your Ti: Sapphire laser performance by pumping it with green (532 nm) lasers combining high stability and low-noise.

  • Lowest Noise Use lasers chosen by leading researchers in demanding CEP applications.
  • Power Choices Get the exact power you need - to match both your application and your budget.
  • 24/7 Reliability = Productivity Maximize your data throughput by avoiding unscheduled downtime.
Titanium Sapphire Pumping
Unique Research Tools

Unique Research Tools

Titanium:Sapphire has a uniquely broad gain bandwidth that enables lasers with wide wavelength tuning. More importantly, it can provide ultrafast output pulses with the shortest pulse widths and unmatched amplified pulse energies. But Ti:S requires optical pumping and the quality of the Ti:S output directly depends on the quality of the green laser pump light. The superior performance of our pump lasers enables you to fully exploit the incredible and unmatched characteristics of Ti:S lasers and amplifiers.

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SwissFEL: Legend Elite Amplifiers Probe Ultrafast Dynamics

Learn how the SwissFEL uses Coherent Legend Elite Ti:sapphire amplifiers in unique pump-probe X-ray studies of ultrafast dynamics in physics, chemistry, and biology.

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