Diode Lasers

Get the highest efficiency and reliability for welding, heat-treatment, brazing, soldering or cladding metals and welding plastics.

  • Reduce Costs Lower energy consumption with highly energy-efficient diode laser sources.
  • Process Faster Cover large areas rapidly with high-power round or rectangular output beams.
  • Save Space Integrate compact diode laser sources easily into your production environment.
 Diode Lasers

Diode Lasers for Every Configuration

Our diode laser systems are available to deliver across many use cases. Whether you need fiber or free space delivery, low- or high-output power, air or water cooling, or rack-mounted or free-standing packaging, we have you covered.

Compact SE

Compact Series

Compact Series direct diode lasers are robust, modular, compact sources with enough output power for materials processing of plastics and metals.

  • Wavelength Options - 808 nm, 980 nm and 1064 nm.
  • Small Size - Rack mounted or smaller.
  • Medium Power - 50 W to 1200 W output.
DL8000HP DL5000HP

HighLight DL Series

HighLight DL Series are fiber-coupled, multi-kW diode lasers for cladding, additive manufacturing, heat-treating and laser assisted bonding.

  • Simplified Cooling - Don't need deionized cooling water.
  • Wavelength - 940 - 1020 nm.
  • High Power - 1 kW to 8 kW.
HighlightD Series Product Image

HighLight DD Series

HighLight DD direct diode lasers are ideal for high-speed, large-area materials processing with up to 10 kW output power and flexible beam shapes.

  • Highest Power - 10 kW.
  • Line Beams - 6 mm to 36 mm lengths.
  • Cladding Ready - Optional powder cladding nozzle, pyrometer.
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888nm Fiber-Coupled, Single-Emitter Pump Diode Modules

Utilizing the new long-wavelength (888 nm) FACTOR series of fiber-coupled (FC) pump diode modules from Coherent will enable diode-pumped, solid-state laser builders to achieve higher power, without sacrificing beam quality.


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