Nanosecond Lasers

Choose from a broad product range, from the UV to the IR, with repetition rates up to 300 kHz, and pulse energy up to 0.5 mJ. 

  • High Pulse Energy Drill, trench or cut through thicker layers and tougher materials with little HAZ.
  • Unmatched UV Reliability Rely on long-lived, ultrareliable lasers from the leader in industrial UV.
  • Short Pulses Get high peak power for your industrial applications.
nanosecond lasers

Broad Selection of Nanosecond Pulsed Lasers

Laser options to perfectly match every application for ns pulses in both instrumentation and precision materials processing. With our unmatched experience and unique HALT/HASS program, these lasers set benchmarks in both performance and reliability.



AVIA LX combines high pulse and repetition rate with UV and Green output to enable precision materials processing in semi fab, advanced packaging, and solar manufacturing.

  • High Pulse Energy - Up to 500 µJ.
  • Simple Integration, Operation - No external controller needed, just a 48 V power supply.
  • Long Lifetime - Coherent PureUV™ unique active cleaning.
AVIA NX Product Image


AVIA NX offers up to 55 W UV and 65 W green output for better cutting, scribing, and drilling in semiconductor and solar manufacturing, plus HALT/HASS verified reliability.

  • Flexible Operation - Single shot to 100’s of kHz.
  • Long Lifetime - Coherent PureUV™ unique active cleaning.
  • Simple Integration - Compact footprint and unique SoloBoard™ interface.
Flare NX Product Image


FLARE NX lasers deliver short pulses, high pulse energy, and high repetition rates to improve performance in Maldi-TOF, LIBS, and life sciences applications.

  • Better Data Resolution - Short pulse duration ~1 ns.
  • High Data Throughput - Repetition rates up to 2 kHz.
  • Economical Solution - Utilizes simple passive q-switching.
Matrix 355


Matrix 355 delivers up to 10 watts of ultraviolet in a compact, economical package ideal for use in high-throughput marking

  • Fully integrated laser head - no umbilical
  • Complete pulse control for superior marking
  • Air-cooled for easy integration


Revolution high-energy kHz green lasers are the most compact and powerful lasers in their class, ideal for pumping ultrafast Ti:S amplifiers.

  • Unmatched Power - Up to 80 W.
  • Stable and Reliable - Rugged monolithic construction. HALT/HASS certified.
  • Adjustable Repetition Rate - Single-shot to 10 kHz.
PYTHON Diode-Pumped, Solid-State, UV Lasers


Improve throughput and reduce display production costs with our revolutionary solid-state laser — scales to support to single-pass Gen 8.5 panel processing.

  • Simple Transition – no modification to existing ELA processes.
  • Improved Stability – Higher throughput and better results.
  • Reduced Downtime – Only one maintenance per year.

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Technological changes in the materials, thickness, and composition of PCBs are motivating a move away from traditional mechanical cutting and depaneling methods towards laser-based processes.

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