Microscopy & Imaging

Choose from a full range of scanning and imaging lasers for confocal microscopy, as well as super-resolution methods like STED and PALM/STORM.

  • Superior Beam Quality Get tighter focus and sharper images with reduced background.
  • More Options Excite any fluorophore at the optimum wavelength.
  • Fiber Delivery Combine multiple plug-and-play wavelengths.
Microscopy and Imaging
Laser Illumination

Laser Illumination

Laser-excited fluorescence underpins many microscope methods, particularly confocal microscopy. Today, there are many variations of confocal, often targeted at increasing speed in order to follow metabolic or neurological processes in real-time. And there are now several super-resolution methods like STED and PALM/STORM that go well past the diffraction limit. But whether you need lower power and high beam quality for confocal or multi-watts of variable power for superresolution, or just a laser source for wide-field excitation, no one offers a better range of performance and cost options for microscopy use than Coherent.

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