Specialty Optical Fibers

Choose from an extensive catalog of SM, MM, and PM fiber for lasers and amplifiers, beam delivery, geophysical sensing, gyro, and medical applications. 

  • Extensive Product Portfolio Select from many fiber compositions, geometries, and coatings.
  • Highest Reliability Build better systems with proven, time tested fiber designs
  • Industry Innovators Enhance your system performance and scalability using our superior technology.
Specialty Optical Fibers

Optical Fibers for Most Applications

Coherent offers a complete range of specialty optical fibers, with a broad selection of standard products, and the expertise and capabilities to fabricate custom items having specific core, cladding, dopant, and other mechanical and optical parameters.

Beam Delivery Fibers

Beam Delivery Fibers

Coherent NuBEAM are low loss, high damage threshold, multi-mode, beam delivery fibers that transmit higher powers in solid-state, fiber, and diode lasers systems.

  • Broad Wavelength Spectrum - Visible to Infrared.
  • Unique Capabilities - Includes top hat intensity profile fibers.
  • Highest Power Applications - Core diameters ranging from 50 µm to 1000 µm
Geophysical Fibers

Geophysical Fibers

Distributed sensing fibers for temperature, pressure, flow, acoustics, or strain, that operate even in harsh environments with superior optical performance.

  • Ruggedized - Specialty coatings for high strength and reliability at temperatures >300 °C
  • Sense More - High bandwidth, graded index fibers for highly resolved distributed sensing.
  • Sealed to Last - Pure silica cores and carbon coating options provide high levels of hermeticity.
Gyroscope Fibers

Gyro Fibers

Build high-performance fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) coils, plus sensors for auto, space, and defense applications, with these high birefringence fibers.

  • Positioned for Success - Extremely high birefringence ensures minimal gyroscope drift.
  • Space Ready - Radiation hardened and radiation resistant varieties available.
  • Reliable Performance - Low Tg coating for low cross-talk variation from -55 °C to 105 °C temperature ranges.
fiber spool

Laser and Amplifier Fibers

Coherent Laser and Amplifier Fibers eliminate SRS and TMI, and feature high mode quality, excellent pump light absorption, and exceptionally low photodarkening.

  • No Limits - Eliminate TMI and SRS for successful power scaling.
  • Focused on Quality - Near diffraction limited beam quality.
  • Built Tough - Enhanced fiber reliability in demanding applications.
Medical Fibers

Medical Fibers

Construct high-performance surgical, imaging, and spectroscopic systems with Coherent Medical Fibers, offered in many form factors and power handling capacities.

  • A Cut Above - Optimized fibers for intravenous applications.
  • Increased Sensitivity - High signal to noise ratio for OCT and other applications.
  • Keep it Clean - Pure silica core for radiation sterilization.
Multi-kw Fibers

Multi-kW Fibers

Coherent NuMKW fibers are designed for high power laser systems, offering unmatched performance through lowest photodarkening, SRS, TMI and highest beam quality.

  • Power Up - Lowest photodarkening for high power applications.
  • Connect Effectively - High coupling efficiency with mode matched active and passive fibers.
  • Proven Reliability - Designed for extended life in challenging deployment conditions.
Single-Mode Fibers

Single Mode Fibers

Coherent Single Mode Fibers maintain beam quality, and minimize attenuation and dispersion, and are offered from the visible through the infrared.

  • Broad Wavelength Range - Choose fibers for operation at 350 nm to 2,200 nm ultraviolet to 2.2 µm.
  • Select Cutoff - Choose from a wide range of cutoff wavelengths.
  • Range of Coatings - Select from acrylate, polyimide and more.
Muti-Mode Fibers

Multi-Mode Fibers

Coherent Multi-Mode Fibers support laser system components, laser beam delivery, material processing, surgery, spectroscopy, LiDAR, metrology, and more.

  • We Deliver - Transfer more laser power to your process with minimal attenuation.
  • Homogenize Beam Profiles - Includes top hat intensity profile fibers.
  • Core Choices - Diameters from 50 μm to 1000 μm.
Polarization Maintaining Fibers

Polarization Maintaining Fibers

Coherent NuPANDA fibers are polarization maintaining fibers with the broadest operating wavelength range, highest birefringence and highest mode field uniformity.

  • PANDA Designs - For the broadest operating wavelength range, highest birefringence,fh and highest mode field uniformity.
  • Can't be Beat - Custom and precision beat length selection available.
  • Wavelength Choices - From 350 nm to 2000 nm.
Specialty Optical Fibers Radiation Resistant Application

SatCom and LIDAR Fibers

NuEYDF-SMR Erbium-Ytterbium co-doped all-glass active single-mode and matched passive fibers are designed for demanding LIDAR and satellite applications.

  • Harsh Environment - Radiation resistance for space applications.
  • Beat the Heat - HTA coating allows for use in high temperature automotive applications.
  • High Efficiency - NuEYDF-SMR fibers inhibit parasitic 1 µm ASE.
Ultrafast Fibers

Ultrafast Fibers

Coherent NuUF Ultrafast Fibers feature polarization maintenance, dispersion control, high beam quality, the lowest photodarkening, and highest absorption.

  • Increased Reliability - Lowest photodarkening for effective power scaling.
  • Superior Quality - Maintaining highest beam quality.
  • Maximum Efficiency - Highest absorption minimizes cavity length and nonlinear effects.

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