Scientific Ultrafast Laser Oscillators 

Ultrafast lasers for research applications and instrument OEMs, created by the Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science.

  • Broad Performance Choice Choose from the widest performance and wavelength range — UV to mid-IR.
  • Industrial Reliability Maximize uptime, productivity, and performance thanks to HALT/HASS testing.
  • Fast, Efficient Support Keep research on track with highly trained global logistics support.
Chameleon Discovery NX Line Drawing

Match Your Application and Your Budget

Coherent offers the complete range of ultrafast lasers. These include versatile research lasers, tunable one-box models, and dual-output sources for multiphoton microscopy, high power fiber lasers for optogenetics, and compact, economical OEM lasers. 

Ultrafast Oscillators Product Family

Avon Angle Product Image

Axon Lasers are fixed wavelength, compact ultrafast femtosecond laser oscillators for life sciences and OEM instrumentation applications.

Plug and Play - Compact platform, easy to integrate. Economical femtosecond performance - Single fixed wavelength output. Match Your Application - Growing list of wavelength options now including 780, 920, and 1064 nm.
Chameleon Discovery NX product image

Chameleon Discovery NX Lasers address the most demanding requirements in two-photon imaging and spectroscopy by delivering industry-leading power levels and tunablity.

Ultimate Performance - Octave spanning tuning and >3.6 W power. Synchronized dual outputs - Ideal for CARS microscopy. Integrated Power Control - TPC fast power modulation for 2P microscopy via Acousto-Optic Modulation.
Vitara Single Product Image

Vitara Lasers are the industry benchmark for integrated, ultra-broadband, flexible ultrafast laser oscillators and are ideal for demanding applications.

Match Your Application - Choose wide tuning or fixed wavelength output. Ultimate Stability - Supports optional CEP and rep. rate stabilization. HALT/HASS Verified. Easy to Operate - Computer-controlled wavelength and bandwidth versions.
Mira HP Product Image

Mira Lasers are broadly tunable Ti:Sapphire laser oscillators with simplicity and flexibility that provide a powerful, versatile ultrafast source.

Wide Tuning range - Single optics set covers 700-1000 nm. Ideal for Spectroscopy - fs/ps/cw configurations. Unique, skip-free ps wavelength tuning. Match Your Application - Output power options from 0.75 to >4 W.
Chameleon Ultra product image

Chameleon Ti:Sapphire is widely tunable, high power, hands-free femtosecond lasers for multiphoton imaging, ultrafast spectroscopy, and non-linear materials studies.

Wide Wavelength Tuning - 680 nm to 1080 nm. Fast Tuning - >40 nm/s. Optimum Pulse Width - Minimizes pulse width at sample in typical microscopes.
Fidelity HP Ultrafast Fiber Lasers Product Image

Fidelity Lasers are ultrafast fiber lasers with high average power and extremely short pulses in an easy-to-operate, maintenance-free, compact package.

24/7 Industrial Reliability - HALT designed and HASS certified. Brighter Multiphoton Images - Includes user-adjustable GDD precompensation. Optogenetics – Photostimulation - Excite large neuron populations.
Levante Product Image

Coherent Ultrafast Laser Oscillator Accessories enhance performance with harmonic generators, pulse pickers, pulse synchronization, CEP stabilization, tunable OPOs.

Harmonic Generators - 190 nm to 1080 nm. Pulse Pickers - 9.5 kHz to 4.75 MHz. Widely Tunable OPOs - UV to mid-IR.
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