Ion Implantation

Ion Implanter Disk Refurbishment & Coating

Extend the lifetime, lower the cost-of-ownership, and improve the performance of ion implant tools with Coherent disk refurbishment and coating services.

Coherent has extensive capabilities for the repair, refurbishment, and remanufacture of any ion implanter disk or heat sink. This includes all makes and models of batch-processing ion implanters produced since the late 1970s to the present.

Key Capabilities

It All Adds Up

Our industry-leading innovations enable a 2x lifetime improvement, a 99% decrease in wafer chipping, a 50% decrease in metals contamination, an 80% decrease in fence “wear-grooving” particle generation, and a 30% average cost-of-ownership savings.   

High-Performance Coatings

The Coherent low-temperature elastomer pedestal and heat sink coating increases wafer cooling, boosts productivity, and improves pad-to-pad wafer temperature uniformity.  

Torlon Fence Assemblies

Utilize high wear resistance Torlon to dramatically improve fence and disk lifetime, substantially decrease wafer chipping, cut fence wear-grooving, and lower metals contamination.

Improved Fence Design

The Coherent high-precision screw-in bearing fence design offers longer lifetime, no asymmetrical fence wear, and eliminates the particle trap that occurs in OEM crimped position components.