CW Solid State Lasers

Choose from the widest range of wavelengths, power levels, beam parameters, and more for research, medical, or OEM instrumentation applications.

  • Broadest Wavelength Range Choose the exact laser wavelength you need, from the deep UV to near-IR.
  • Lowest Noise Get better and faster data every time, thanks to our low-noise lasers.
  • Platform Commonality Minimize alignment time with multiple wavelengths in identical form and fit.
CW Lasers Line Drawing

Tailored Solid State Laser Performance

Coherent uses a broader range of CW laser technologies than anyone else, including our unique OPSLs. That’s how we tailor laser performance – wavelength, power, low noise, beam quality, modulation - to offer an ideal match for virtually every application.

CW Laser Product Family

Azure NX

Azure NX deep UV lasers are compact, low-noise, continuous wave 266 nm lasers designed for easy integration into an industrial environment.

High UV Power - Up to 1 Watt for high signal intensity. Ultra-Narrow Linewidth - <500 kHz provides high data resolution. Low Noise - <0.5 % RMS noise gives you better data quality.
Genesis CX Series

With wavelengths from 355 to 1154 nm and power from 100 mW to 10 W, these lasers support diverse applications: life sciences, medical, FPDs, interferometry/holography.

High Efficiency - Minimize your power and thermal budgets. Industrial Reliability - Benefit from semiconductor reliability and our vertical integration. OEMs or Laboratory Use - Every model available in CDRH-certified or economical OEM formats.
Genesis Taipan Product Image

Genesis Taipan CW lasers provide unique wavelength ranges from 460 nm to 639 nm, high output power, and superior performance, ideal for any laser lightshow.

Numerous Wavelengths - Get perfect white and simplified color balance. Superior Beam Pointing - Create high resolution images for maximum impact. High Power - Create larger outdoor displays over longer distances.
Mephisto and Mephisto S Product Image

Mephisto lasers deliver the lowest noise and narrowest linewidth of any available CW lasers, ideal for laboratory research or OEM instrumentation.

3 kHz Linewidth - Gives you unrivalled interferometer resolution. Ultra-Low RIN Noise - Superior data quality with low background. Monolithic Ring Oscillator - NPRO format provides stability and ultra-fine tuning.
OBIS CORE LS with Coin Product Image

OBIS CORE LS, compact low-noise lasers deliver a high-quality beam and provide analog and digital modulation to 1 kHz at several wavelengths from 488 nm to 594 nm.

Seven Key Wavelengths - Choose the ideal match for your application. TEM₀₀ Circular Output - Get perfect focus in instruments and microscopes. Direct Modulation to 1 kHz - Simplify your instrument design.

OBIS LS/LX are the original compact smart lasers, offering plug-and-play simplicity with over 30 wavelengths from the UV to near-IR plus optional fiber delivery.

Over 30 Wavelengths - Efficient excitation of any fluorochrome. Fiber-Coupled Options - Easy wavelength combining using the Galaxy. High Frequency Modulation - Simplify your instrument design.
OBIS High Power Product Image

OBIS LG and XT are CW lasers that extend the self-contained OBIS concept into the UV, including 349 nm, which is ideal for the latest UV fluorochromes.

Compact Integrated Package - Saves space and eliminates umbilicals. Solder-Bonded Optics - Delivers high stability and longevity. TEM₀₀ Circular Beam - Supports diffraction-limited focus.
Sapphire LPX Product Image

Sapphire CW lasers provide industry-leading beam quality, reliability, and stability with up to 500 mW of low-noise output for OEMs and end-users.

Field Proven - Market validated with >50,000 units in the field. Fiber-Coupled Options - Simplifies integration into instruments and microscopes. OPSL Technology - High efficiency and low power consumption.
Verdi C18 C-Series

Verdi CW lasers are ideal for a wide range of applications including semiconductor inspection, annealing, holography, and Ti:Sapphire pumping.

Lowest Available Noise - First choice for CEP-stabilized systems. Smoothly Variable Power - Verdi G and Verdi C models adjustable 10-100% with no beam changes at all. PermAlign Technology - Solder-bonded optics maximize stability and reliability.

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