Subsystems and Line Cards

Eliminate your risks, lower your costs, and improve your system performance by partnering with a respected world leader in custom line card and subsystem solutions.

Users of our custom products benefit from our unmatched vertical integration: from materials to chips, packaged actives and passives, as well as modules. Our design team draws on many years of collaborating with customers to define and deliver market-leading solutions.

Subsystems and Line Cards

Use these for amplification tasks such as EDFA, Raman, or Hybrid Raman-EDFA. Or for switching applications like multi-cast switching and WSS/ROADM.

Key Features

  • Leading-edge high-density solutions
  • Optimized optical, electrical, and mechanical designs
  • Cost-effective, high-value-added features
  • Plug-and-play, health monitoring, and optical safety
  • Industry-leading control architectures