Laser FrameWork Accessories

Maintain quality, cut scrap, increase throughput, and lower costs with a range of process monitoring tools.

  • Visualize It Use embedded machine vision to lower production costs and improve processing.
  • Measure It Keep your laser beam accurately focused and working at its best.
  • Monitor It Watch welding in real time to immediately spot defects or even prevent them.
Smart Assistants

Laser System Accessories & Add-ons

Extend the capabilities of your Coherent laser machines and laser-based systems with dedicated accessories that deliver feedback and data for process improvement and documentation – but are still easy to use.


A compact, camera-based beam profiler that integrates directly into Coherent laser machines and laser systems.

On Point - Measures the beam profile at the actual point of focus within the system.


Multiple Parameters - Check beam waist diameter, intensity profile, focus location, M², and more.


Maintain Compliance - Includes data logging capabilities for process certification and tracking.


Combines value-priced optical and acoustic detectors with powerful AI software to deliver effective weld monitoring for less.

Spot Defects - Detect deviations from an OK condition during the laser process, i.e. weld defects like voids, microcracks or undercuts.


Monitor Processing - Sense power and power density changes, and shifts in laser spot focal-position.

Interpret Results - Use "pathway limits" or "teach" the system using artificial intelligence.



Embedded vision systems for Coherent Exact and PowerLine series products.

Reduce Tooling - Automatically determines part positions and orientations, and adjusts machine operation.

Cut Errors - PartVision identifies which parts have been loaded and selects the right next process step.

Simplifies Documentation - Acquires post-processing images for quality control and documentation.

Video Spotlight

High-Quality Laser Welds With Pattern Recognition and Process Monitoring

With the in-line process monitoring tool SmartSense+, it is easy to achieve and document perfect weld quality. The vision system PartVision detects the exact welding position and adapts the laser process to compensate for part inaccuracies. Together both tools guarantee perfect welds, especially for delicate workpieces.


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