Laser Machines and Systems

Efficient industrial materials processing solutions

From small repair workshops to high-volume production lines, Coherent systems enable a diverse range of materials processing tasks. Each is designed and built to help users add value to their own products and also lower manufacturing costs.

  • Optimized Product Line Get a system tailored for cutting, welding, drilling, marking, scribing, annealing, and more.
  • Operational and Integration Flexibility Choose manual machines for small batches through full automation for high volumes.
  • Comprehensive Laser Choices Rely on the broadest laser portfolio to give you the best results and value.
Machines and Systems

Laser Cutting and Drilling Machines

Coherent laser cutting and drilling machines service a wide range of applications and materials from metals, plastics, and composites to paper, ceramics, and wood.

Laser Marking and Engraving Machines

Choose from an economic laser marking and engraving machine, a self-contained table-top system, or a fully automated system with robotic parts handling.

Laser Welding Systems

Weld plastics and metals with speed and precision with a choice of laser systems, from manual to fully automated.

Excimer UV Systems

Get high pulse energy, deep ultraviolet (UV) output excimer lasers with complete optical systems configured for LTPS, LLO, LIFT, PLD, LA-ICP-MS, and more.

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