Ultrashort Pulse (USP) Lasers

Take advantage of the unique industrial processing power and precision of next-generation picosecond and femtosecond lasers.

  • Femtosecond USP Lasers Cut, scribe, or drill any material with unmatched edge quality and low (<10 μm) HAZ.
  • Picosecond USP Lasers Choose from the most complete range of ps lasers for cutting, drilling, and marking.
  • UV Technology Leaders Depend on the industry’s most reliable and long-lived ultraviolet USP lasers.
UltraShort Pulse

Reliable Ultrashort Pulse Lasers

Delivering reliable USP lasers requires special know-how and the highest quality components, particularly in the UV. Coherent brings decades of USP experience and vertically integrated manufacturing to deliver the longest-lived lasers and highest ROI.

Monaco 1035


Monaco high-power femtosecond lasers deliver superior edge quality in micromachining and improvements in scientific applications like three-photon microscopy.

  • Lowest HAZ - Femtosecond pulses deliver cold ablation.
  • Processing Versatility - IR, green, or UV output.
  • Increase Throughput - High (>1 MHz) repetition rate and USP seeder burst mode.
HyperRapid NXT

HyperRapid NXT

HyperRapid NXT is a high-power picosecond laser that maximizes throughput and minimizes cost-per-part with an operational range suitable for nearly any material.

  • Raise Throughput - Up to 100 Watts of IR and 50 Watts of UV power.
  • Gain Flexibility - Variable pulse rates from single shot to 4 MHz.
  • Improve Edge Quality - PulseEQ power control for tight contours.
Rapid LX

Rapid LX

Rapid LX is the optimal laser for brittle material cutting as well as a flexible UV solution for micromachining in a physically compact and economic design.

  • Increase Profitability - Economical, high efficiency source.
  • Save Space - Compact, optimized footprint.
  • Go Industrial - True industrial grade reliability and performance.
Paladin Advanced 355

Paladin Series

Paladin Series USP lasers offer medium-to-high power, green and UV, quasi-CW output for semiconductor inspection and laser direct imaging applications.

  • Proven Reliability - > 4000 units in production lines worldwide.
  • Unmatched Power Range - 2 W to 24 W at 355 nm.
  • Simplify OEM Integration - Compact and air-cooled version with 2 W or 4 W at 355 nm.
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