Flow Cytometry

Get low Cv data with lasers at over 30 visible and UV wavelengths, or use a multi-wavelength laser engine including pre-aligned optics.

  • Superior Performance Get the beam shape and quality you need for perfect focusing.
  • Lowest Noise Choose lasers with the lowest noise and achieve data plots with unmatched Cv.
  • Widest Range Target any fluorochrome using over 30 laser wavelengths with identical form and fit.
Flow Cytometry
Simplified Solutions

Simplified Solutions

Whether you’re making benchtop instruments for clinical labs or building/using a multi-parameter instrument with many wavelengths, you want high-throughput and low-noise data. So laser wavelength, power, and output noise are very important, which is why Coherent offers smart, low-noise lasers at over 30 wavelengths. But how the beams are shaped, focused, and aligned in the flow cell is just as important. And that is why Coherent also offers integrated, pre-aligned modules that take care of these optomechanical challenges and simplify your instrument design and applications.

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9-Laser Light Engines for Biomedical Instrumentation

Learn how Coherent can help your design team incorporate up to 9 lasers to develop your instrumentation faster and more economically. These 9 wavelengths (349 nm, 405 nm, 445 nm, 488 nm, 532 nm, 561 nm, 590 nm, 640 nm, 785 nm) and power levels up to 100 mW or higher can expand the parameters of your flow cytometers and enable you to create cutting-edge life sciences instrumentation.

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