Ion Implantation

Ion Implantation Foundry Services

Rely on us for full-service partnership for your ion implantation needs. We can reliably support any volume, any application, and the capacity to meet demand spikes.

Coherent world-class ion implantation foundries can meet all forms of implant requirements, from production volumes of 300 mm wafers down to R&D on smaller wafer sizes and chips, as well as heated implants on compound semiconductor substrates.

Key Capabilities

Unmatched Experience

Coherent leverages the most experienced ion implant applications team in the industry to provide the fastest and most cost-effective methods to optimize customer success on:

  • Silicon and compound semiconductor substrates
  • Heated and room-temperature implants
  • Research and development
  • Implant modeling and process matching
  • Small wafer sizes

Reliable Partner

Use Coherent as your implant partner to:

  • Take advantage of expanding or changing markets
  • Recover from unplanned ion implant system failures
  • Outsource some or all ion implant process steps
  • Support 48-hour turnaround time

Comprehensive Materials

  • Silicon
  • GaAs/InP
  • SiC
  • GaN
  • Diamond
  • LiNbO3/LiTaO3
  • InSb
  • ZnSe
  • SiO2/Si