Excimer Lasers

Take advantage of high-energy UV pulses for microelectronics, displays, scientific research, medicine, and thin film processing.

  • Large Field-Size Processing Cover the sample surface with homogeneous large-area, flat-top beams.
  • Scalable UV Power Adapt the power level from pre-production to high volume manufacturing.
  • Ultimate Precision Deposit laser energy selectively in low temperature thin film processing.
Excimer Lasers Line Drawing

The Broadest Portfolio of Excimer Lasers

With 50 years of experience in excimer lasers, we understand you get the best results with an excimer laser matched to your application. That’s why we offer the widest selection of laser power and energy options, all with superior quality and performance.

Excimer Laser Product Family

ExciStar Product Image

ExciStar tabletop UV excimer lasers are designed for delicate tasks including cornea ablation, prescription lens marking, and optical sensor manufacturing.

High Repetition Rate - Up to 1 kHz. Tabletop - 650 x 300 mm footprint. 193 nm or 248 nm - Precision marking and ablation.
IndyStar Product Image

IndyStar lasers are rugged high duty cycle UV excimer lasers designed for fast pulse applications like ink jet nozzle drilling, metrology and optics testing.

High Pulse Rate - Up to 2 kHz in 24/7-applications. Semicon Applications - Semi-S2 compliant. 193 nm and 248 nm - Lithography development, mask and optics testing, microprocessing.
COMPex Product Image

COMPex UV lasers deliver hundreds of millijoules of pulse energy with high pulse-to-pulse stability and excellent beam uniformity for demanding applications.

High Energy - Hundreds of millijoules. Wavelength Versatility - 193 nm, 248 nm 308 nm, 351 nm. Supports Thin Film Processing - Wafer Processing, Pulsed Laser Deposition.

LEAP UV excimer lasers offer high energy, high precision processing with our combination of high duty-cycle output, reliability, and low cost of ownership.

Wide Choice of Power Levels - The same platform supports high volume manufacturing, preproduction and development with up to 300 Watts. Pulse-on-Demand - Adapt the pulse pattern to your process flow to minimize cost of operation. Versatile - Select from 193 nm, 248 nm and 308 nm models for pulsed laser deposition, microstructuring or display processing.
LAMBDA SX Product Image

LAMBDA SX are industrial UV excimer lasers for the production floor, with stable high energy pulses supporting large-area UV processing with beam stability.

High Power - Up to 600 Watts. High Pulse Energy - Up to 1000 mJ. High Pulse Rate - Three-shift mass production with up to 600 Hz.
Vyper Product Image

VYPER kilowatt to multi-kilowatt UV excimer laser platforms enable the highest throughput for high-volume display production.

Very High Power - Up to 3600 Watts. Very High Pulse Energy - Up to 6 Joule per pulse. Unmatched Energy Stability - Supports OLED and MicroLED backplane processing.
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Innovating MicroLED Display Manufacturing

Coherent's new UVtransfer systems is innovating MicroLED manufacturing with Laser Lift-Off (LLO), Laser-Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT), and repair/trimming.

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