Integrated Spectroscopy Systems

Trusted by both industrial and academic experts, simplify material identification with the most complete Raman measurements.

  • Complete Raman Analysis Collect more information for faster, easier material identification with greater confidence.
  • Increased Signal Strength Get up to 10X higher Raman signals from the low frequency/low wavenumber region.
  • Diverse Product Solutions Find the exact product you need, from low-cost components to complete integrated systems.
Integrated Spectroscopy Systems

Terahertz Raman Made Easy

Access unique structural information only found in the low frequency region of Raman < 200 cm-1. Easily identify polymorphic forms or quantify the degree of crystallinity of your materials. We can boost the performance of your existing Raman system or provide a customized solution to meet your needs.

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Integrated Systems

Including laser, filters and a spectrometer, the integrated systems products provide a turn-key solution for anyone looking to add a new THz-Raman measurement capability.

Turn-key systems and bundles - Immediately start taking cutting edge data with everything included. From customizable bundles to fully automated integrated systems.

Intuitive Software Packages - Control system operating parameters, capture spectral data, and perform complex data analysis. Handle large or small data sets with ease. 

Capture Complete Raman Spectrum - Full coverage of entire Raman spectrum from -400 to +2100 cm-1. Includes the full chemical fingerprint region as well as low frequency Stokes and anti-Stokes signals.

Modular Systems

Upgrade the performance of existing Raman setups with modular ystems that incorporate the laser and all filters needed to access THz-Raman signals with multiple sample interface accessory options.

Drop-in solutions - From industrial manufacturing to academic laboratories, simplify the process of upgrading system performance with configuration options to meet almost any need.

Highly customizable - Available in a wide variety of wavelengths from visible to NIR, with multiple sample interface accessory options available.

Rugged industrial design - Designed to operate under a wide range of conditions with no special alignment or maintenance procedures required.

Filter Components

Compact and economical solutions for increasing the functional capability of existing Raman systems. These components are ideal for replacing thin film filters.

High-performance filter technology - Boost the performance of existing systems with lower cost and added design flexibility.

Compatible with standard hardware - Standard 1” or ½” diameter mirror mounts and 30 mm cage rail systems make integration easy.

Ideal for OEM designs - Take advantage of our years of experience building rugged, high performance Raman systems to improve system performance and cut design cycle times.

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