Eliminate the challenges and potential pitfalls of optical mounting and mechanical alignment by specifying pre-aligned optomechanical sub-assemblies from an expert vendor.

We are experts in supplying pre-aligned sub-assemblies, based on traditional methods using diverse mount types and lens barrels, as well as innovative solutions such as metal optics with integrated mounts for minimum weight in airborne/spaceborne applications. 

Key Capabilities

Traditional Optomechanical Assembly

We provide lenses, mirrors, filters and other optical components, pre-aligned in fixtures, lens barrels, gimbal mounts, translation mounts, and more.

Innovative Solutions

Coherent is a leader in cutting-edge optomechanics. These innovative solutions include metal optics with integrated mounts and heatsinks.

Applications Experience

We provide custom solutions for applications such as life sciences instruments, astronomy, autonomous vehicles, satellite imaging, and many others.

Solving Your Challenge

Partner with Coherent to create a unique optomechanical solution optimized for your performance and budget requirements.