CVD Diamond Substrates

Enjoy the benefits of diamond's unique properties – very broad transmission range, extraordinary hardness, and high resistance to thermal shock and thermal lensing.

Coherent employs chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to grow optical diamond in high volume, consistently producing material with low scatter, minimal absorption, and low birefringence in a wide range of cross-sectional sizes and thicknesses.

CVD Diamond Characteristics

Coherent supplies CVD diamond material in sizes up to 145 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness, and can achieve a thermal conductivity of over 2200 W/m-K.

Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition Diamond Material Properties

Physical Properties


Cubic, Polycrystalline

Grain Size

Thickness and process dependent (0.05 - 1 mm)


Optical, Thermal, Microwave, Detector, Mechanical, Custom


up to 2 mm

Fabrication Capabilities

Dimensional Tolerance

±50 μm

Polishing Aspect Ratio

Up to 50:1 for diameters up to 145 mm


<0.5 fringes/cm


<0.5 fringes/cm

Transmitted Wavefront

<0.5 fringes/cm

Surface Roughness

<15 nm

Optical Properties

Bulk Absorption @ 10.6 μm

<0.07 cm-1

Bulk Absorption @ 1 um

<1 cm-1

Scatter @ 1 μm

<0.7 cm-1