Laser Engines

Simplify your multi-wavelength application with an integrated laser light engine with free-space or fiber-coupled output.

  • Eliminate Alignment Challenges Save cost and time with plug-and-play simplicity.
  • Wide Wavelength Range Multiple wavelength choices from 405 nm to 670 nm.
  • High Optical Efficiency Minimize your power and thermal budgets.
Laser Engines Drawing

Save Time and Eliminate Risk 

In most multi-wavelength applications, the toughest challenge usually is aligning and combining the individual laser beams. These pre-aligned laser engines reduce the alignment time from hours and days to minutes or less. 

Laser Engine Product Family

OBIS Galaxy Product Image

OBIS Galaxy Laser combines up to 8 wavelengths into a single output fiber, eliminating fiber-alignment challenges while providing superior performance and reliability.

Plug and Play - Modular and flexible to connect or swap lasers in less than minutes. High Efficiency - Typical 70% coupling efficiency. Complete System Option - Available with OBIS lasers, control box, etc.
Cell X Laser Beam Combiner Product Image

OBIS CellX provides up to four circular beam outputs with fully adjustable beam divergence and independent steering, ideal for flow cytometry.

Compact Engine - Saves valuable space for instrument OEMs and researchers alike. Power Options - Choice of 50 or 100 mW at each wavelength. Simple Integration &, Operation - Single electronic interface controls all the wavelengths.
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