Laser Engines

Simplify your multi-wavelength application with an integrated laser light engine with free-space or fiber-coupled output.

  • Eliminate Alignment Challenges Save cost and time with plug-and-play simplicity.
  • Wide Wavelength Range Multiple wavelength choices from 405 nm to 670 nm.
  • High Optical Efficiency Minimize your power and thermal budgets.
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Integrated Laser Engines

In most multi-wavelength applications, the toughest challenge usually is aligning and combining the individual laser beams. Save time and eliminate risk with our pre-aligned laser engines that reduce alignment time from hours and days to minutes or less.

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Laser Engine Product Family

Galaxy System

Up to 8 lasers into a fiber output. Modular and flexible.

High-performance Single-Mode, Polarization-Maintaining Fiber with FC/APC connector. Plug-n-play for easy integration. Simple to add or upgrade lasers. No adjustments. Maximize and simplify your microscope laser excitation with up to 8 wavelengths – and modulation.
CellX Laser Beam Combiner Product Image

Up to 4 lasers with user-adjustable beam steering and focus. Designed for cytometry and cell sorting.

Free-space laser output with integrated beam expanders and beam combiner. Easy to integrate and align. Objective Lens to focus consistent stripe patterns in the core stream. Your compact and integrated solution for cytometry and cell sorting – from the laser to the flow cell.
CellX PT in Hand

For high-volume OEM applications, the CellX PT platform delivers 4 OBIS LS/LX lasers and certified beam focus.

No adjustments, Hermetically Sealed with PermAlign assembly for an ultra-compact and robust engine. Configurable wavelength, output power, and stripe pattern to specific OEM customer requirements. Your high-volume OEM solution for the most demanding new designs for cytometry and cell sorting.
Fiber-Coupled Multi-Wavelength Laser Modules

Up to six wavelengths with powers from mW to 10 W, all combined into one output fiber with a choice of single-mode, multimode, or rectangular fiber.

Fully integrated with internal electronics and ARM-based firmware simplifies external software control and remote monitoring. Fully customizable with up to 6 wavelengths from mW to 10 W, while using fiber combining technology to offer SM, MM, or specialty fiber options. Compact and customizable for a wide range of biotechnology, medical, and analytical applications.
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Illuminating Microscopy

Coherent CellX is a universal light engine — now with fiber delivery system — engineered for microscopy.

CellX: The Turnkey Microscopy Solution
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How to Buy a Laser Engine

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