Engineered Materials

Rare Specialty Metals

Source rare specialty metals – including Se and Te - plus other compounds from a vertically integrated supplier with comprehensive development and production capabilities.

Coherent applies extensive materials expertise to develop novel technologies for the recovery and processing of rare specialty metals in support of advanced products in photonics, photovoltaics, semiconductors, agriculture, and industrial products.

Key Capabilities

We Know Materials

Coherent has been a leader in infrared materials technology for over 50 years, and now encompasses a diverse product range including engineered materials, compound semiconductors, and rare metals.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our product development and manufacturing teams include expert metallurgists, chemists, and engineers who apply their knowledge to create the most innovative and cost-effective production methods.

Focused on Quality

Our staff utilizes a wide array of state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and automated manufacturing controls and systems to consistently deliver high-quality materials.

We Deliver

Coherent understands that materials are the start of every product and commits the resources to ensure that we will not be the weakest link in your supply chain.



Te - Tellurium

High Purity Tellurium Metal and Tellurium Dioxide

Se - Selenium

High Purity Selenium Metal

Li- Lithium

Lithium Chemicals, industrial and battery grade

Sc - Scandium

Scandium Oxide and Scandium Alloys

SeO2 - Selenium Dioxide

Photovoltaic Solar Cells, Laser Optics

Na2SeO3 - Sodium Selenite

Glass Colorant, Decolorant, Animal Feed Additive

Na2SeO4 - Sodium Selenate

Agricultural Grade: Fertilizer Application, Animal Feed Additive
Drench Grade: Pharmaceutical Applications

BaSeO4 - Barium Selenate

Fertilizer Application

ZnSeO3 - Zinc Selenite

Glass Industry