Directed Energy

Generate and control intense optical power with a diverse selection of high-performance lasers, optical fibers, laser crystals, and beam director optics.  

Simplify acquisition with domestically sourced, innovative photonic components from a vertically integrated supply chain.

  • Compact Solutions Achieve high power in compact packages, using innovative component technologies that enable high energy laser applications, from C-UAS to C-ICBM.
  • Vertical Integration Obtain US-sourced components ranging from semiconductors to domestically grown crystals, as well as optical fibers, lasers, and optics.
  • Customized Manufacturing Solve demanding challenges with unique requirements using the expertise of Coherent R&D, engineering, and sales teams.
Aerospace and Defense Hero

Optical Crystals

Assure the supply chain with Coherent, the only domestic grower of many high-power crystals used in defense laser applications. 

Laser Optics

Coherent provides meter-class beam delivery, target illuminator optics, and capabilities for large and freeform optics in air and space.

Featured Blog

Gain a Lot with Active Fibers

Learn how active optical fibers enable fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers, which power applications as diverse as satellite communications, autonomous vehicles, remote sensing, inertial navigation, surgery, and materials processing.


Customer Success Stories

Mobile Excimer Laser Enables Robotic CFRP Cleaning

See how the high repetition rate (1000 Hz) and pulse energy (10 mJ) of the ExciStar allows rapid processing and continuous movement of the laser beam over the part surface.

Compact excimer laser systems open up new possibilities for the treatment of 3D-CRFP-parts, also by robotic applications.
Dr. Thomas Lukasczyk Fraunhofer IFAM

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