Directed Energy

Create intense optical power with high-performance components, amplifiers, & lasers. Control photonic beams with precision optics & beam director assemblies.

  • Compact Solutions Achieve high power in compact packages to defeat drones and other inbound threats using innovative optical technologies.
  • Vertical Integration Obtain US-sourced components ranging from semiconductors to optical crystals and fibers, as well as lasers, amplifiers, optics, and beam director assemblies.
  • Experienced, Mature Manufacturing Overcome unique challenges with the photonics expertise of the Coherent R&D, engineering, and manufacturing teams.
Laser Countermeasures
Ensure Success

Ensure Success

High-energy laser systems place extreme demands on every system component, requiring a difficult-to-achieve mix of cutting-edge performance and high reliability. Coherent has the design, fabrication, and assembly resources to consistently deliver high-performance components, including precision optics, high-damage threshold coatings, optomechanical assemblies, components, amplifiers, and lasers. Realize your mission by partnering with a vertically integrated supplier who understands how to engineer success.

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Custom Capabilities

From Materials to Assemblies

Our custom design and fabrication capabilities, combined with a vertically integrated supply chain, ensures you can get the optic or optomechanical assembly best suited to your application.

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