Lithium Batteries

Lithium-Sulfur Battery Technology

Accelerate the move to Li-S battery technology — a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to lithium-ion batteries.

Coherent has developed key innovations that make sulfur cyclable. Applied to bulk materials at the cathode composite and slurry level, our technology can be used in existing cathode production processes without tooling changes.

Coherent Li-S Technology - Key Benefits

Join Coherent in leading the deployment of Li-S technology. We offer CAMs, finished cathodes, process licenses, and more as a starting point for manufacturers.

Enhanced Supply Chain Resiliency

The widespread abundance and lower cost of sulfur make it an attractive alternative to nickel and cobalt and could substantially reduce the price per kilowatt-hour for a battery.

Protects Existing Capital Investment

Coherent technology provides Li-ion battery makers a smooth transition to Li-S and extends the lifespan of today’s capital expenditures.

Proven Cyclability

Sulfur cathodes produced using Coherent technology can hold a charge at nearly the theoretical limit for the material and are proven to be cyclable.

Increased Storage Capacity

A Li-S battery can hold twice the energy of a Li-ion battery of the same weight — enabling EVs with either a greatly expanded range or much lighter weight.